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Heather Mills sparkles in a red jumpsuit as she attends  the 2024 Vegan Women Summit ...

The Daily Mail 10 May 2024
Heather Mills sparkled attended the 2024 Vegan Women Summit in Hollywood on Thursday ... 'I didn't go vegan for the animals or the environment it was just after I lost my leg and the infection was spreading.'.

OINK SOYNK: USDA green-lights genetically modified soybeans that produce pig proteins

GMO News 03 May 2024
In recent years, animal husbandry has been depicted as a global threat to the environment and is being gradually phased out around the world in favor of genetic experiments and highly processed “vegan” substitutes ... John Fagan, Ph.D ... Sources include. ... .

If the world has gone digital, why do so many of us still want cookbooks?

The Los Angeles Times 27 Apr 2024
Still cookbook crazy in a digital world, plus the Koreatown bakery where fans wait up to two hours for cake, a new croissant contender, new brunch and lunch picks, and why a vegan restaurant will start serving meat.

A vegan restaurant is switching to serving meat, saying plant-based eating isn't enough to save ...

Business Insider 25 Apr 2024
DigitalVision/Getty ImagesSage Vegan Bistro in Los Angeles is transitioning to serve meat, dairy, and eggs.The chef said she thought a vegan diet was best for the environment, but has since changed ...

The unhealthy secret about the vegan food you’re eating

AOL 25 Apr 2024
Vegan alternative foods should be labelled more clearly because the public do not realise they are ultra-processed, according to a new study ... Researchers have called for vegan alternatives and meat ...

RZA of Wu-Tang Clan Has Beef With Meat

New York Times 24 Apr 2024
The rapper, producer, actor and vegan talks about the connections between meat and masculinity, animal welfare and the environment ... .

A plague on Scotland

The Daily Mail 19 Apr 2024
What truly animates the Greens is a deep-seated gloominess about human beings and the impact they have on the environment. They are all so earnest and miserable and vegan.

Reject genetically modified organisms - CSOs urge citizens

Business Ghana 17 Apr 2024
Others were Vibrant Vegan Society of Ghana (VVSOG), the Centre for Climate Change and Food Security (CCCFS), the Ghana Journalists for Environment, Science, Health and Agriculture (GJESHA), Sankofa ...

Jacked jackfruit

Taipei Times 17 Apr 2024
Queensland farmer finds ‘pretty impressive’ 45kg giant. By Eden Gillespie / The Guardian ... SOIL RICH ... “That’s very similar to the environment [where] these things are found in the wild [in south and south-east Asia].”. VEGAN MEAT ... .

UAE: Would you skip meat once a week? ‘Meatless Mondays’ now in schools, hospitals

Khaleejtimes 16 Apr 2024
It’s no secret that eating less meat is good for the environment. However, for many of us, the idea of going completely vegetarian or vegan seems a little bit too much to ask ... “You don’t have to constantly follow a vegan diet.

VegFest to promote plant-based eating, conservation during April 14 return

Herald-Argus 12 Apr 2024
SOUTH BEND — The promoters of Michiana VegFest 2024 said the annual event will highlight plant-based eating, vegan lifestyles, compassion for animals and conservation of the environment when it returns this spring ... .

Hamas leader

The Daily Mail 11 Apr 2024
She has long since credited her strict vegan diet for saving her life ... 'I didn't go vegan for the animals or the environment it was just after I lost my leg and the infection was spreading.' WHAT IS LYME DISEASE?.

Plastic alternatives worse for greenhouse gas emissions in majority of cases

The Engineer 09 Apr 2024
“Not all alternative or recycled products are better for the environment than the products they replace ... More from Energy and Environment. Vegan leather grown from bacteria marks boost for sustainable ...

Santa Cruz VegFest draws hundreds to the Cocoanut Grove

Santa Cruz Sentinel 07 Apr 2024
... vegan since the 1980s ... “I’m vegan because I think eating animals is wrong and not only is it wrong because they have feelings, but it’s really bad for the environment and your health.

What Is Vegan Leather? 

Vogue 06 Apr 2024
In recent years, vegan leather has gotten incredibly close to feeling like the real deal ... Additionally, plastic-based vegan leather products cannot biodegrade ... Vegan leather made from plastic materials like PVC and PU are harmful to the environment.