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Fashion For Cause: RIJAC`s Vegan Leather Bags Tackle Animal Cruelty And Environmental Crisis

Zeenews 30 Nov 2023
... to reshaping the fashion industry with its line of Vegan Leather Bags.

Some not sold on meat substitutes

Fremont Tribune 29 Nov 2023
ENVIRONMENT & DIET. Lars Obendorfer says he was "badly insulted" after he began offering vegan sausage at his 25 German stands, dubbed "Best Worscht in Town." ... "There was downright hostility between the meat eaters and the vegans," he said ... So when her partner became a vegan, she was skeptical.

Are YOU open and agreeable? You

The Daily Mail 22 Nov 2023
If you find you tend to be open to trying new things and are a warm, polite person, then you are more likely to try out going vegan ... Agreeableness is also linked to compassion and empathy, as well as concerns about animal welfare and the environment, which could make someone lean towards a vegetarian or vegan diet.

2023 trends in healthier, sustainable hair care products

Citrus County Chronicle 22 Nov 2023
Concerns about personal wellness and the environment's health led to the creation and increasing popularity of the clean beauty market ... trade, vegan and climate neutral ... Hair care tools free from toxic ingredients are better for humans and the environment. Vegan and plant-based.

World Vegan Vision holds meeting to spread the word on veganism

News India Times 21 Nov 2023
Attendees at World Vegan Vision meeting ... Kalindi Bakshi, president of the World Vegan New Jersey chapter, delivered an insightful address on veganism, highlighting its health benefits and positive impact on the environment ... Founder of World Vegan Vision, H.k Shah, appealed for support in adopting a vegan lifestyle .

Plant-based diets: Enervating or life lengthening?

Anadolu Agency 19 Nov 2023
Vegans and vegetarians tend to live longer ... Speaking to Anadolu about the viability of the vegan diet, dietician and nutritionist Tuba Gunebak said that when we consume animal-derived foods, all the toxins and heavy metals in the animal's body, which we consume as muscle, are transferred to us.

Le Champ Cosmetic powders the environmentally conscious woman

Jamaica Observer 19 Nov 2023
Priding itself as Jamaica's premier vegan make-up brand, the three-year-old Le Champ Cosmetics Ltd (LCC) has already pressed itself into the local market with ambitions to further build out its services palate in the coming years ... in the health of their skin and the environment.

2023 Trends in Clean and Sustainable Hair Care Products

Maryville Daily Forum 14 Nov 2023
Concerns about personal wellness and the environment’s health led to the creation and increasing popularity of the clean beauty market ... trade, vegan, and climate neutral ... Hair care tools free from toxic ingredients are better for humans and the environment. Vegan and Plant-Based.

We were vegan... this is why we QUIT: As sales of plant-based foods stutter, four ...

The Daily Mail 04 Nov 2023
But has the vegan bubble finally burst? ... In a sign the millennial-driven obsession with veganism was starting to falter, Pret A Manger closed half of its vegetarian and vegan-only stores in December, admitting many customers don't see themselves as 'full-time veggies' ... The van life Tiktoker from San Diego said she was vegan for four years.

World Vegan Day 2023: Date, history and significance

Hindustan Times 01 Nov 2023
The Vegan Society defines veganism as - "Veganism is a philosophy and way of living which seeks to exclude—as far as is possible and practicable—all forms of exploitation of, and cruelty to, animals for food, clothing or any other purpose; and by extension, promotes the ...

Black vegans are on the rise; here are 7 reasons why

The Grio 01 Nov 2023
On World Vegan Day, theGrio rounds up seven top reasons Black people are turning to the lifestyle, from health concerns to animal rights. November 1 is World Vegan Day, and veganism is rising in the Black community. According to Pew Research data, Black Americans are turning to veganism at rates higher than any other demographic in the country.

Growing Green: Veganism and the global shift towards plant-based proteins

Financial Express 01 Nov 2023
One of the primary driving factors behind the rise of veganism is its positive impact on the environment ... As we celebrate World Vegan Day and observe the growing prominence of veganism and plant-based proteins, it is evident that the choices we make today can have a profound ...

World Vegan Day 2023: 5 Effective Ways To Include Veganism In Indian Diet

NDTV 01 Nov 2023
It's World Vegan Day today, on November 1, 2023. Every year, it is marked to emphasize the benefits of veganism on environment and health ... .

Zampa making things happen

Gulf-Times 01 Nov 2023
... conscience, knowing that you’re not affecting any animals out there,” Zampa said.“The environment as well is pretty important to me.”But it’s not just cricket and veganism for the cricketer.Amongst his tattoos is an image of John Travolta dancing in cult movie “Pulp Fiction”.